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The Importance of Breakfast 06.02.2011

All of us have heard that breakfast should be the most important meal of our day, but it seems like we rarely prioritize consuming a real breakfast. Instead, we usually eat a high-carb snack that leads to eating other bad foods during the day. As a result of our poor dietary habits, we fail to eat the proper foods (like healthy proteins) and therefore don’t supply our brains and muscles with the nutrients necessary to provide us with the energy to work and live at our best. Instead we’re content to hope that our donuts, coffee and fast food will get us through the day.

There’s no question that a strong correlation exists between skipping breakfast and the subsequent establishment of poor dietary habits. There is a similar correlation that exists in the business world. If the proper systems are not put in place during the start-up and growth phases of a business, the likelihood that a business will be unhealthy (or will die) increases substantially. Like your personal health, the health of your business is too valuable to take for granted. Stop feeding you business junk food and fast food while hoping that the business will be lean and profitable. It won’t!

We can help you create a healthy diet for your business much like a nutritionist or personal trainer can assist you with enhancing your personal health. However, it’s up to you to make the habits that will lead to a healthy life and a healthy business. You can do it!