Loren Joner

“I watched my first Ironman Triathlon on television when I was a kid. I was entranced by the fact that the athletes were enduring so much pain but were doing it with such relentless dedication. Constantly pushing the limits . . . constantly testing themselves . . . constantly finishing what few people even start. Now, when I go out for a training run or a long bike ride, my wife asks me, ‘How can you love something that is so excruciating?’ I can’t give her an answer that will satisfy her because I know that I see things differently than she does. I see the joy hidden within the pain, and I know that my steps take me a little closer to the satisfaction that the finish line will bring.”

As a business and estate planning lawyer, Loren has an eye on the finishing line on a daily basis. He works hand-in-hand with his clients, helping them define their goals, establish the tools to measure and adjust their goals and then maintain the accountability to see those goals come to fruition. “It’s not simply about getting the appropriate words into the correct documents.” Loren says. “It’s really about helping people understand that they can control their legal issues rather than allowing their legal issues to control them. The first step for most clients in this process is to develop a clear and specific plan for the future so that they can proactively take the steps to get where they want to be.”

Loren Joner

Loren has seen the value of solid business planning throughout his entire life. His family, which has lived in Clark County for several generations, has been an integral part of the local business community in Battle Ground since the 1940s. This heritage has shaped Loren’s perspective on the trials and tribulations of business ownership and has developed a keen awareness of the importance of long-term planning. It also inspires him and his wife to pass this heritage on to the next generation by providing their four kids with the tools necessary to allow them the greatest opportunity to become future leaders in the community.

Jodine Dixon

“Many years ago I found myself dealing with myriad legal issues due to my husband’s motorcycle accident that put him into a semi-comatose state for three and a half years. I found the legal process complicated, terrifying, and uncertain. Out of those experiences, I developed a desire to learn estate planning and to assist people through it.”

Prior to becoming an attorney, Jodine was an IT project manager for IBM for 14 years. She is now enjoying her second career in her hometown of Battle Ground. She practices in estate planning, probate, small business, guardianships, and real estate. Her passion is to put plans in place so that clients and their families have a guide to future transitions. For the families that did not plan ahead, she will assist with sorting out difficult decisions and procedures.

Over the course of the 17 years that Jodine managed IT projects, she learned how numerous industries operate and managed projects in various roles: subcontracting, general contracting, third party management, and mixed team environments. She learned what it takes to build great business relationships and navigated her way through difficult situations. Whether it be business start-up, contract development/review, or a business transition, she is highly qualified to guide any business owner through the process with ease.


McKenzie Joner

“I never thought I would settle down in the place where I grew up because I crave the thrill of new sights, experiences, and challenges. Yet I’ve found that the true vibrancy of life comes from investing in the people around you. I’ve visited four continents and stood in awe of magnificent architecture and stunning geography. But it’s always the people that make a place beautiful to me. I’m passionate about investing in people and community. The wisdom and experience of others are a rich resource for personal growth and my friends and family motivate me more than anything else to pursue excellence in all areas of my life”

As a paralegal, McKenzie loves the opportunities her job provides to get to know clients and their individual needs. She participates in all of the hands-on work when it comes to creating estate plans, ensuring that the client’s wishes are accurately understood and accomplished. McKenzie also assists clients in managing business records, navigating the paperwork of company updates, and staying current with State requirements. “There are certain tasks that must be done when you’re a business owner, and those tasks can be very intimidating,” she says. “I take care of those things so that the business owners can focus on the aspects of their business that they are passionate about.”

McKenzie acquired a broad legal education while obtaining her Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from Clark College. This education gave her insights into many different areas of law and a strong foundation for her real-world experience. McKenzie lives in Vancouver and loves taking advantage of all the outdoor adventures the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She also takes every chance to travel, especially to places she’s never been.