Loren Joner

“I love the water. Whether I’m surfing in the Pacific Ocean, paddling on Lake Merwin or swimming in the Clark County Fork river, I am invigorated by the power and flow of water. Water is always changing but somehow remaining the same To put it another way: there’s a rhythm to water that’s predictable, but, if you’re not paying attention, water can quickly become dangerous, even deadly. The trick is to have a good enough understanding of the water you’re in so that you can watch the rhythms and anticipate and avoid the dangers.” 

As a business and estate planning lawyer, Loren works daily to anticipate the legal dangers that might be disruptive to his clients. He works hand-in-hand with his clients, helping them create predictability in their personal and business lives. “It’s not simply about getting the appropriate words into the correct documents.” Loren says. “It’s about helping people understand that they can control their legal issues rather than allowing their legal issues to control them. The first step for most clients in this process is to develop a clear and specific plan for the future so that they can proactively take the steps to get where they want to be.”

Loren has seen the value of solid business planning throughout his entire life. His family has been an integral part of the local business community in Clark County, Washington since the 1940’s and in Sanders County, Montana since the 1980’s. This heritage has shaped Loren’s perspective on the trials and tribulations of business ownership and has developed a keen awareness of the importance of long-term planning. It also inspires him and his wife to pass this heritage on to the next generation by proving their kids with the tools necessary to allow them the greatest opportunity to become future leaders in their communities.


Reagan Joner

“People are one of the greatest gifts that we’ve been given in this world. I believe in the value of human interaction and the responsibility that we have to our fellow man to look out for one another. In my opinion, that’s what the legal world should be about: helping those who are in need of help with humble hearts and motivated minds. It’s as simple as that.”

As a legal assistant, Reagan understands what it means to make others’ lives easier. Whether it’s responding to an email or drafting a legal document, everything that Reagan does at Joner Law is about one thing: helping others. He is here to handle the details and save the people he works with from headaches and stress by doing what is needed to get the job done.


Logan Dietel

“The Law has always fascinated me. It is ever present in our daily lives and has the same importance today as it had thousands of years ago. The law is simply an agreement between people to follow certain rules, but it is what provides stability, order, and prevents chaos.”

A fascination for the law is what pushed Logan towards pursuing a legal career. Working as a legal assistant, he is apprenticing to become a business and estate planning lawyer. Not only does Logan want to become proficient at the technical aspects of his job, he wants to help others understand what they do not have the luxury of studying. “I was once somebody who was overwhelmed by the law, and even still I am learning every day.” Logan says “My goal in this profession is to provide people with clarity about what they do not understand.”