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No Pain, No Gain. 05.09.2011

We’re a physically active group at Joner Lindberg Baker. We run, we hike, we climb, we swim, we bike, we lift. We are dedicated to staying in (at least reasonable) physical shape. But like most people, getting consistent exercise and maintaining a healthy diet isn’t always the easiest thing to do. In order to be as successful as we’d like in our physical performance, there are four steps we have to employ on a regular basis:

1. Create a do-able plan
2. Find a source of accountability
3. Work, work, work
4. Measure, adjust and reward

As you run your business, you should also consider how these four steps can help you achieve the business performance you are seeking.

Create a Do-able Plan
We will continue to encourage all of our business clients to plan, plan, plan. You are substantially more likely to achieve your goals if you define those goals in the first place! A plan is the map your business will follow on it’s journey, and if you don’t have a good map, you are likely to get lost.

Find A Source of Accountability
Just as it’s easy to fall off the exercise bandwagon after a short-period of success, it’s also easy to abandon your business plan. The easiest way to ensure that you stay on your exercise regime is to hire a trainer or workout with a buddy. The same goes for your business. You can develop your relationship with your lawyer, accountant, insurance agent and financial adviser so that these professionals can keep you aiming at your goals. You can also team up with other business owners to form an informal “board of directors” for your business. This “board” can then help move you along when you feel the dedication to sticking to your plans slipping away.

Work, Work, Work
The old adage of “No pain . . . no gain” is true. If you don’t work hard, you won’t see any positive results. Don’t let your insecurities dominate you. Work hard! Hard work over a long period of time is sometimes the only way you will ever get the results you want. Don’t give up!

Measure, Adjust and Reward
It’s easy to feel and see your physical body transform while engaging in a long-term workout program. You lose fat. You gain lean muscle mass. You have more energy. You can move faster and for a longer period of time without the same fatigue you used to encounter. A healthy business also has measurables you can monitor regularly. You can see a bigger profit margin. You have better systems in place. Your employees are happier. Your ability to give back to your community is enhanced. Just like you step on the scale at home, step on the scale at work too. Measure the progress of your goals, adjust those goals when necessary and don’t forget to reward yourself (and your employees) when you reach or exceed a goal!

As always, if the attorneys in Snoqualmie or Battle Ground can help you with any aspect of running your business, please give us a call . . . or better yet, come on a run, ride or hike with us. We’d be glad to have you join us!