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I want to get even! 04.20.2011

When is it a good idea to sue someone? Even if you have a valid claim that might justify filing a lawsuit against someone, often there are reasons not to sue. Because litigation is likely to be expen­sive, we always encourage our clients to assess the value of filing a lawsuit prior to initiating legal action.

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit you should evaluate whether a lawsuit makes economic sense. You should have a clear understanding of the amount you are plan­ning to sue for, what damages you might receive, and the expense involved in receiving those damages. At a minimum, think about these four things:

Lit­i­ga­tion Costs: Lit­i­ga­tion is expen­sive. Even the smallest cases will likely cost at least $10,000 and you are not always assured that you will be entitled to recover your attorney fees.
Potential for Recovery: Does the person you intend to sue have any assets worth pursuing? Might there be insurance coverage that could result in a recovery?
Timing: Litigation can be time consuming? Are you looking for a quick resolution to a matter or do you have months or even years to see a litigation through to the end?
Emotions: Because litigation can be costly and time consuming, it can create a great amount of tension in your life. If you don’t handle stress well, a prolonged legal battle might not be a good idea for you.

If you have specific questions about litigation, call us at either of our Battle Ground or Snoqualmie offices. We can talk you through the costs and issues and help you have a better understanding of whether litigation is something you should pursue.