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Cars in the Park 09.30.2011

On Saturday, August 27th, Loren Joner participated in an event called “Cars in the Park” Located on the streets in front of the Portland Art Museum. The event was put together in order to advertise the once in a lifetime “Allure of the Automobiles” theme that the museum hosted to show off 16 Old, Stylish, and Rare cars from 1930 to 1961. The cars in the park event was a way for people who lived in the Portland area to come by and park their nice cars on the streets for show in order to encourage people to come out to the museum to see not only the special show in the museum but the nice cars parked out side as well. The event was held on the Saturday of every week that the show was in the museum and each week had a theme, usually a different brand of car every week. The week that Loren helped out on was the Mopar themed week which consisted of mainly Dodge Cars ranging from the 30’s until now. The following picture are of cars brought by Portland residents and all 16 cars show cased in the museum.

Here are the ‘Street Cars’:

Here are the show case cars:

9/11 Tribute 09.09.2011

In honor of the terrible tragedy that occurred ten years ago, please check out the new memorial located at Ground Zero.

God Bless America.